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Lodges in SA North

No.LodgePlaceMeeting DatesInstallation
3260Acacia LodgeBoksburg North Masonic Centre3rd Wed (1st Wed Dec)3rd Wed Nov
7956Alchemy LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Mon, odd months4th Mon Jul
3437Apollo LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Tues, recess Apr, Jun, Aug, Dec4th Tues Mar
7149Arcadia LodgePretoria Masonic Centre3rd Sat, even months3rd Sat Feb
3073Astrea LodgeWaterval Boven2nd Sat, recess Dec2nd Sat Sep
8471Aviation LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Tues, recess Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec4th Tues Nov
2719Barberton LodgeBarberton Masonic Hall3rd Wed, recess Dec3rd Sat Jun
3157Benoni LodgeBoksburg North Masonic Centre3rd Thu, recess Dec3rd Thu Nov
4457Bohemian LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Wed, odd months1st Wed Dec
2480Boksburg LodgeBoksburg South - Central East Rand Temple2nd Tues2nd Tues Nov
8642Boksburg St John LodgeBoksburg South - Central East Rand Temple4th Wed, recess dec4th Wed Jun
7815Bryanston LodgeJohannesburg Rivonia3rd Wed, even months1sr Wed Dec
2748Clifton LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Mon Feb, May, Aug, Nov2nd Mon Feb
2653Coalfields LodgeSprings Masonic Hall3rd Tue3rd Tue Oct
2900Columbia LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Tue, recess Jan, Jul1st Tue Sep
2731Corona LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Wed, recess Jan, Jul, Aug1st Wed Nov
3167Denver LodgeJohannesburg Kensington1st Mon, even months1st Mon Oct
2585Doornfontein LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Tue, recess Dec2nd Tue Nov
7225Doric LodgePlolokwane Masonic Hall2nd Thu, recess Dec1st Sat Aug
3259Emrys LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Tue, recess Jan, Jul1st Tue Sep
8717Emulation LodgeBoksburg North Masonic Centre1st Fri, even months1st Fri jun
8994Exsequi LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Mon, Feb, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov2nd Mon May
3010Fairview LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Wed, Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov3rd Wed Mar
2999Fidelity LodgeVolksrust Masonic Centre2nd Sat, recess Jan, Jul2nd Sat Mar
8447First Pride LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Wed, even months2nd Wed Oct
8540Flame Lily LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Fri, Mar, Jun, Aug, Nov2nd Fri Nov
2718Fordsburg LodgeJohannesburg Rewlatch2nd Thu, recess Jan, Dec2nd Thu Apr
7729Fraternity LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Mon, odd months3rd Mon Nov
1696Friendship, The Lodge ofMauritius Masonic Complex2nd Fri, recess Dec, Jan2nd Sat Sep
8781Gaborone LodgeGaborone Masonic Hall4th Fri Jan Apr May Jun Aug Sept Oct Nov 2nd Fri Jul4th Sat Mar
2498Germiston LodgeGermiston - Temple Sinai3rd Wed, recess Dec3rd wed May
2478Gold Fields LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Thu, recess Dec4th Thu Oct
9234Golden Harvest LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Wed, odd months4th Wed Jul
6689Golden West LodgeCarletonville Masonic Hall1st Tue, Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec2nd Sat Aug
8545Hartebeestpoort LodgePretoria Masonic Centre2nd Wed, recess Jan, Dec2nd Wed Feb
6948Hesperia LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Tue, Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec!st Tue Feb
7750Highveld LodgeKinross - Mendel Spitz Masonic Hall3rd Thu, recess Dec2nd Sat Feb
3049Hillbrow LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Mon, recess Dec, Jan, Jul2nd Mon June
3235Ionic Lodge (The)Johannesburg Rewlatch3rd Thur, recess Dec3rd Thur May
8335Jack Folly LodgeBoksburg North Masonic Centre2nd Wed, odd months2nd Wed May
2481JeppestownFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Mon, 1st Mon Dec3rn Mon Aug
2313Johannesburg LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Wed, odd months2nd Wed Sep
4893Kensington LodgeJohannesburg Kensington4th Thu, recess Dec4th Thu Mar
3004King Edward LodgeCarletonville Masonic Hall3rd Tues, Jan, April, June, Aug, Oct4th Sat Feb
2768Kosmos LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Thurs2nd Thurs Dec
5325Letaba LodgeTzaneen Masonic Hall3rd Wed, recess Dec4th Sat May
3640Lion of the NorthLouis Trichardt Masonic Hall3rd Thu3rd Sat Apr
8682Lyceum Lodge of ResearchFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Wed, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov3rd Wed Nov
9406Maritime LodgeScout Hall, 1 Peter Place, Bryanston2nd Thu Feb, May, Aug, Nov2nd Thu Apr
7034Melrose LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Thu, recess Dec3rd Thu Oct
5483Messina LodgeMusina2nd Thu2nd Sat Aug
3149Norwood LodgeJohannesburg Norwood2nd Wed, 1st Wed Dec2nd Wed Oct
5949Orphic LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Mon, recess Jan, Jul1st Mon Feb
8657Park Lane LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Thu, recess Jan, Apr, Jul, Dec1st Thu Sep
8120Phalaborwa LodgePhalaborwa Moth Shell Hole4th Thu, recess Dec4th Sat Jul
3602Phoenix LodgeMauritius Masonic Complex3rd Thu, recess Dec3rd Thu Mar
2485Pietersburg United LodgePlolokwane Masonic Hall1st Tue, recess Jan3rd Sat Feb
3172Premier Diamond LodgeCullinan Masonic Hall3rd Thu, recess Jul, Dec3rd Thu Jun
8053President LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Mon, Feb, Mar, Apr, Aug, Sep,1st Thu Oct
6017Pretoria LodgePretoria Masonic Centre2nd Wed, recess Jul, Dec2nd Wed Apr
2607Prosperity LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Wed, recess Dec2nd Wed Nov
6471Protea LodgeMauritius Masonic Complex2nd Thu, recess Jan, Dec2nd Thu Jun
5003Pyramid LodgeModimole (Nylstroom)3rd Fri, recess Dec4th Sat Aug
2539Roodepoort LodgeRoodepoort Masonic Centre3rd Tue, recess Dec3rd Tue Mar
3150Rose and Thistle LodgeWitbank Masonic Hall2nd Wed1st Sat May
2315Royal Albert LodgeKlerksdorp - Masonic Hall2nd Thu, recess Jul1st Sat Apr
3070Royal Edward LodgeJan Kempdorp Masonic Hall2nd Tue May4th Sat May
8254Rustenburg LodgeRustenburg1st Thu, recess Jan1st sat Nov
8423Safari LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Tue Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov3rd Tue May
7362Semper Vigilans LodgeJohannesburg Rivonia4th Tue, recess Jan, Dec4th Tue Oct
7226Southern Cross LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Tue, recess Dec4th Tue Sep
5669Springs LodgeSprings Masonic Hall4th Wed, recess Dec4th Wed Sep
8322St Georges LodgeSwaziland Mbabane Masonic Hall1st Fri, Recess Jan1st Fri Jul
8643St Michaels LodgeJohannesburg Orange Grove2nd Thu, recess Jul, Dec2nd Thu May
2894Standerton LodgeSecunda Masonic Hall3rd Tue, recess Dec1st Sat Oct
7035Swaziland LodgeSwaziland ManziniLast Wed, recess Jun, DecSat following 1st Fri Jul
3215Temperance LodgeJohannesburg Orange Grove2nd Wed, recess Jan, Dec2nd Wed Feb
8194Transvaal D G Stewards LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Tue Feb, May, Aug, 1st Tue Nov2nd Tue Aug
6143Transvaal Jubilee LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Wed, odd months4th Wed Mar
1747Transvaal LodgePretoria Masonic Centre1st Tue, recess Jan, Jul1st Tue May
3372Unanimity LodgeMokopane (Potgietersrus)4th Tue, recess Dec3rd Sat Sep
7081Union LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown4th Thu, recess Dec4t Thu Aug
2967United Services Lodge of PretoriaPretoria Masonic Centre2nd Mon, recess Dec, Jan, Jul2nd Mon Aug
9042Universal Friendship LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Mon, odd months3rd Mon Jul
7327University LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Wed, recess Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct1st Wed Mar
3461Vereeniging Peace LodgeVereeniging Masonic Hall1st Thu, recess Jan1st Thu Mar
2774Vernon LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Wed, recess Jul, Aug, Dec3rd Wed Apr
8187Verona LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown2nd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct1st Mon Dec
4816Vrede LodgeJohannesburg Rewlatch3rd Mon, recess Dec3rd Mon Oct
7082White River LodgeWhite River Masonic Hall4th Thu, recess Dec3rd Sat May
3745Witwatersrand LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown3rd Mon, recess Apr, Jul, Sep, Dec3rd Mon Jan
3668Woodlands LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown1st Thu, even months1st Thu Apr
Number of Lodges = 92


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